About Me

Khyati Undavia is a driven, patient-focused pharmacist in charge and owner of a Houston, Texas, business. For the Bombay-born professional, over three decades in pharmacy have been rewarding, but owning her local pharmacy is a point of pride. It took years of learning and saving to reach the goal, and through it, Undavia can serve the pain management needs of the greater Houston area.

Current Role and Duties

Khyati Undavia runs a Houston-based pharmacy she was able to purchase in the 90s after an extended time period spent working toward the goal. Years of purposeful saving and working three jobs paid off with the purchase of the enterprise, and Undavia's careful planning and drive have turned the pharmacy into a success. It was often ahead of the curve for innovations in medicine delivery in the local community, and Undavia's unique medical compounds are also a treasure for many customers.

Career History

Following a hospital residency to complete her pharmacy program, Undavia was employed by a large mail-order pharmacy. Rising through the ranks required mastering workflow requirements, the overall business strategy, and deftly and accurately fulfilling thousands of pharmacy orders per week.

Undavia ultimately filled approximately 10,000 prescriptions per week as her work progressed while mastering efficiency, productivity, hour management, and the often complex and sometimes tense workplace communications required in a high-demand environment.

Due to her proficiency, Undavia was later transferred to a telemarketing project tasked with streamlining the product dispensing process. The enterprises tasked Undavia with developing ways to reduce the cost for each fulfillment without compromising patient results. With patient care a central concern, she rose to the challenge and was successful in the role until relocating to Texas.

Following the move, she worked multiple jobs and was eventually able to pursue purchasing her own business and building the life she dreamed of for her family.

Academic History and Educational Background

Undavia completed her high school career in New York and decided to pursue pharmacy as a professional calling through college. After being accepted by two universities, Undavia decided to attend the Albany College of Pharmacy.

Pharmacy school was a major adjustment as she came to terms with new freedoms, cultural differences, and homesickness. Still, through perseverance, she succeeded and excelled while maintaining her high GPA and working to support herself through school. After graduating with her bachelor of science in pharmacy, Undavia completed a hospital residency at Buffalo General Hospital.

Professional Skills and Experience

As a business owner, Undavia consistently utilizes the efficiencies she learned as a young pharmacist to provide quick, high-quality service to as many patients as possible. A large part of this process is employing dedicated workers who can process delegated tasks while Undavia focuses on overall operations and creating the unique compounds that help differentiate her business from other pharmacies in the Houston area.

Accomplishments and Achievements

In addition to being a dynamic businesswoman, Undavia is also an innovative healer with many unique formulations to her credit.

She estimates creating over 100 unique formulations in her compounding labs and uses these to serve thousands of patients and assist with their pain management needs. Providing specialty compounds is a key component of her personally-owned pharmaceutical business, and the success of these products has led to expansion to other cities outside the Houston area. Her compounds are sold in these locations, and Undavia has also created additional sterile compounded pharmaceuticals for distribution.

Creating her own unique compounds requires intense attention to detail and a full, readily accessible knowledge of each component ingredient. With patient comfort and safety first and foremost on her mind, Undavia carefully creates each blend for her patients.

Developing a business

For a successful working woman, family vacations and weekends were often spent working but still included lots of quality time shared with others. For Undavia, the care she brings to others started at home, and her strong devotion spills over into her patient interactions and how she treats everyone who comes into her business in need of pharmaceuticals or other products.

As time goes by, Undavia continues to innovate and find new ways to meet the needs of her patients. Many of them require her unique pain management compounds to maintain a quality of life; others are more isolated. One of her early implementations was instituting a home delivery program from her pharmacy to reach those in need. Despite the expenses placed on a small and growing business, Undavia understood the investment as one of many needed for successful patient care and, ultimately, expansion into other locations. In the future, she plans to continue to grow her pharmacy and branch out further away from the Houston area to serve other underserved regions of Texas.


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