Meet Khyati, Houston-Based Entrepreneur and Pharmacist

Khyati Undavia is a distinguished pharmacist based in Houston, Texas, recognized for her contributions to community health and her innovative approach to patient care. With a career spanning over a decade, Undavia has become a true advocate for healthcare and accessibility in Houston, Texas.

Early Life and Early Career

From an early age, Khyati exhibited a keen interest in the sciences, particularly in biology and chemistry.

Following her graduation, Undavia embarked on her professional journey in Houston, where she initially worked in a local community pharmacy. Her dedication and expertise quickly earned her a reputation for excellence in patient care. She was particularly noted for her personalized approach, taking the time to educate her patients on their medications and overall health management.

In 2015, Undavia took a significant step forward in her career by opening her own pharmacy in Houston. This venture allowed her to implement her vision of a patient-centered pharmacy that not only dispenses medication but also plays an integral role in the community’s health. Her pharmacy became a cornerstone of local healthcare.

Undavia’s innovative approach includes integrating technology to enhance patient interaction. She implemented a system that allows patients to access their prescriptions and medical records online, thereby improving transparency and convenience. Her efforts have significantly contributed to patient education and adherence to treatment plans.

Personal Life

Outside of her professional commitments, Undavia enjoys hiking, photography, and volunteering at local health fairs and clinics. She is also an avid reader and enjoys exploring literature related to health policy and patient care management.


Khyati Undavia remains a prominent figure in Houston’s healthcare landscape. Through her work, she continues to influence the field of pharmacy with her innovative practices and unwavering commitment to patient care. Her dedication serves as an inspiration to healthcare professionals everywhere, highlighting the significant impact pharmacists can have on community health.

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